correct gcfg command example to cue command

Closes #37

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Change-Id: Id6c965d49087cfff25565fa0ccdba854096ec1a7
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diff --git a/cmd/cue/cmd/root.go b/cmd/cue/cmd/root.go
index ad6528e..0f76eeb 100644
--- a/cmd/cue/cmd/root.go
+++ b/cmd/cue/cmd/root.go
@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@
 cue can also combine the results of http or grpc request with the input
 configuration for further processing. For more information on defining commands
-run 'gcfg help commands' or go to
+run 'cue help cmd' or go to
 For more information on writing CUE configuration files see`,
 	// Uncomment the following line if your bare application