Workspace tools to work with OpenStack and test it using Vagrant

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Workspace for running and testing your openstack code with Devstack and Vagrant.


Run DevStack inside a virtual machine provided using Vagrant.

The workspace works as a parent folder for projects supported by devstack. It provides configuration files to build a virtual machine and run devstack inside with repositories from workspace. The workspace can handle continous integrations inside jenkins.

Getting started

Before using it you should install project dependencies as pecified here.


  • Deploy OpenStack repos to /opt/stack
  • Provide VMs with devstack dependencies
  • Network configuration (UNDOCUMENTED)
  • Provide proxy auto-configuration
  • Cache installation files on shared folders (UNDOCUMENTED)
  • Organize log files into workspace sub-directory (UNDOCUMENTED)
  • Gerrit trigger integration (UNDOCUMENTED)

Planned features

  • Support multiple Linux distributions
  • Support offline mode with local mirrors: PLANNED
  • Framework for vagrant based test cases: PLANNED
  • Jenkins multi-step build: PLANNED
  • Cloud VMs build: PLANNED
  • Integrate with autoenv (issue #1)
  • Share files using NFS

How it works

TODO: (issue #8)