Generates SSH keys from Gradle

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This plugin provides Gradle ability to generate SSH keys.

It uses JSch Java library, no installation of extra tools is required.


plugins { id 'org.fidata.keygen' } keygen { keyType = RSA keySize = 4096 } task('generateSSHKey', type: GenerateSSHKeyTask) { privateKeyFile = new File(buildDir, 'ssh_key') email = '' }

This task, when run, would produce ssh_key and files in build directory.

keyType and keySize properties can be set per-task via its properties. Otherwise, project-wide values from keygen extension are used.

Since keys can't be restored, to prevent key loss task will run only if either private or public key file doesn't exist. If you want to regenerate key (including when you changed desired key properties) you should clean them manually beforehand.

Other types of keys could be supported in the future.


  • Gradle >= 4.4
  • Developed and tested with JDK 8

Copyright © 2018 Basil Peace

This file is part of gradle-keygen-plugin.

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