[SQUASH] Revert QTI BT commits

Revert "Add broadcast active api"

This reverts commit f7e14f885c6eb3557b447d97d6bc80bdbde19f1b.

Revert "BLE Broadcast Isochronous channel support"

This reverts commit b655d796b0f1f6485dd293997a19af486df75ed8.

Revert "DeviceGroup: Add new system API's to support Group UI."

This reverts commit 0a9c8de0fb0cd812c1615c184514171be5b6d74b.

Revert "Enhanced Attribute protocol support"

This reverts commit 3b81a6fae8117971357e3115288507d376669b21.

Revert "Periodic Adv Sync Transfer feature support"

This reverts commit 1db38491ef1d5d16c16676e2c414e1d2d12eca7b.

Revert "Allow using alternative (higher) SBC HD bitrates with a property"

This reverts commit 7bef4797bb6d2821edbe1e6c133785530fde6898.

Revert "Explicit SBC Dual Channel (SBC HD) support"

This reverts commit 9b29f07c179fb4963cb80ce53e3709d3ef6803f7.

Revert "Increase maximum Bluetooth SBC codec bitrate for SBC HD"

This reverts commit 28fa6e941a1f673bddeff78968889e2a124367db.

Revert "bluetooth: select bluetooth modules by fully qualified namespace."

This reverts commit 58eea9a3f02cf87f9be780a7fe7cc39221c11ad8.

Revert "Bluetooth: Support to know if there is CS call"

This reverts commit 79cac113ed73ec09f3ab04011f4e2af485b25d94.

Revert "GAP: Reset bondingInitiatedLocally flag(3/3)"

This reverts commit 83ec2e59f238383245180eec23b72c400c6e81c2.

Revert "Add scan filter for Transport Discovery data"

This reverts commit 617ed892f9a6b0f1a99027810469eb8217379d78.

Revert "TWS-A2DP: Add TWS+ codec index"

This reverts commit 6febea4db8f132b35f819a21ba153d5657f5b089.

Revert "Bluetooth: Support to know if there is High Def call"

This reverts commit 2bb29cc6b400f29322dcdce01d1fa9b92751a05a.

Revert "BT: API to update quiet mode status in Adapter service [3/3]"

This reverts commit f19f43e75b486a024c3e4b2cab838ba0bbe660ba.

Revert "BT: Adding APTX-Adaptive codec to BT HAL"

This reverts commit 8884a8b312c274a530abde01575e13dacfb31421.

Revert "Add BLE Scan Phy parameter to scan API"

This reverts commit a8f2b1eff33a84e44c493806e7f23580a961f014.

Revert "Bluetooth: Add SDK API support for TWS feature (1)"

This reverts commit 1c5adc671fa5f5baabab539138c3c081ccbd1815.

Signed-off-by: Joey Huab <joey@evolution-x.org>
40 files changed
tree: cc0e0f36c9ec72829b07a0288b35bf90b6eb9ebc
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  2. audio_a2dp_hw/
  3. audio_bluetooth_hw/
  4. audio_hal_interface/
  5. audio_hearing_aid_hw/
  6. binder/
  7. bta/
  8. btcore/
  9. btif/
  10. build/
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  48. README.md

Fluoride Bluetooth stack

Building and running on AOSP

Just build AOSP - Fluoride is there by default.

Building and running on Linux

Instructions for Ubuntu, tested on 14.04 with Clang 3.5.0 and 16.10 with Clang 3.8.0

Download source

mkdir ~/fluoride
cd ~/fluoride
git clone https://android.googlesource.com/platform/system/bt

Install dependencies (require sudo access):

cd ~/fluoride/bt

Then fetch third party dependencies:

cd ~/fluoride/bt
mkdir third_party
cd third_party
git clone https://github.com/google/googletest.git
git clone https://android.googlesource.com/platform/external/aac
git clone https://android.googlesource.com/platform/external/libchrome
git clone https://android.googlesource.com/platform/external/libldac
git clone https://android.googlesource.com/platform/external/modp_b64
git clone https://android.googlesource.com/platform/external/tinyxml2

And third party dependencies of third party dependencies:

cd fluoride/bt/third_party/libchrome/base/third_party
mkdir valgrind
cd valgrind
curl https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/base/+/master/third_party/valgrind/valgrind.h?format=TEXT | base64 -d > valgrind.h
curl https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/base/+/master/third_party/valgrind/memcheck.h?format=TEXT | base64 -d > memcheck.h

NOTE: If system/bt is checked out under AOSP, then create symbolic links instead of downloading sources

cd system/bt
mkdir third_party
cd third_party
ln -s ../../../external/aac aac
ln -s ../../../external/libchrome libchrome
ln -s ../../../external/libldac libldac
ln -s ../../../external/modp_b64 modp_b64
ln -s ../../../external/tinyxml2 tinyxml2
ln -s ../../../external/googletest googletest

Generate your build files

cd ~/fluoride/bt
gn gen out/Default


cd ~/fluoride/bt
ninja -C out/Default all

This will build all targets (the shared library, executables, tests, etc) and put them in out/Default. To build an individual target, replace "all" with the target of your choice, e.g. ninja -C out/Default net_test_osi.


cd ~/fluoride/bt/out/Default
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./ ./bluetoothtbd -create-ipc-socket=fluoride

Eclipse IDE Support

  1. Follows the Chromium project Eclipse Setup Instructions until "Optional: Building inside Eclipse" section (don't do that section, we will set it up differently)

  2. Generate Eclipse settings:

cd system/bt
gn gen --ide=eclipse out/Default
  1. In Eclipse, do File->Import->C/C++->C/C++ Project Settings, choose the XML location under system/bt/out/Default

  2. Right click on the project. Go to Preferences->C/C++ Build->Builder Settings. Uncheck "Use default build command", but instead using "ninja -C out/Default"

  3. Goto Behaviour tab, change clean command to "-t clean"