Android Open Kang Project

Download the Source

Please read the AOSP building instructions before proceeding.

Initializing Repository

Init core trees without any device/kernel/vendor :

$ repo init -u -b kitkat

Init repo with all devices, kernels and vendors supported by AOKP :

$ repo init -u -b kitkat -g all,kernel,device,vendor

Init repo only for a particular device :

$ repo init -u -b kitkat -g all,-notdefault,<devicename>,<vendorname>

for example, to init only trees needed to build mako :

$ repo init -u -b kitkat -g all,-notdefault,mako,lge

Init repo for multiple devices :

$ repo init -u -b kitkat -g all,-notdefault,<devicename1>,<devicename2>,<devicename3>,<vendorname1>,<vendorname2>,<vendorname3>

for example, to init trees needed to build mako and flo :

$ repo init -u -b kitkat -g all,-notdefault,mako,flo,lge,asus

sync repo :

$ repo sync


After the sync is finished, please read the instructions from the Android site on how to build.

. build/

You can also build (and see how long it took) for specific devices like this:

. build/
time brunch aokp_mako-userdebug

Remember to make clobber every now and then!