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Android Open Kang Project

Kanged Unicorn

Download the Source

Please read the AOSP building instructions before proceeding.

Initializing Repository

Initiate core trees without any device/kernel/vendor:

$ repo init -u https://github.com/Emotroid-Rom/platform_manifest.git -b mm

Sync the repository:

$ repo sync -c -f -j4 --force-sync --no-clone-bundle


After the sync is finished, please read the instructions from the Android site on how to build.

. build/envsetup.sh
lunch trltexx

You can also build (and see how long it took) for specific devices (eg. trltexx) like this:

. build/envsetup.sh
lunch aokp_trltexx-userdebug
mka rainbowfarts

Remember to make clobber && make clean every now and then!