Xposed: Halo Popup for Xposed Framework + My Own Spin of Multiwindow

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  1. 58914d6 updated mainifest by Audio God · 10 years ago beta2
  2. 9be4102 Revert "(Attempted) Fix for closing apps on shows an animation black screen glitch" by zst123 · 10 years ago
  3. e33f4a4 Fix Activity starting out unsnapped if it was previously resized by zst123 · 10 years ago
  4. 349430c Fix resizing outline showing when using the corner to close the window by zst123 · 10 years ago
  5. 19e1acc Fix Force Close when resizing window with AeroSnap disabled by zst123 · 10 years ago

XHaloFloatingWindow (XHFW)

Important Instructions

To compile this module, you would need to have internal API's. The dependency on internal API would be slowly removed since it is very troublesome for every developer that wants to clone this.

If you would like to help convert some internal API imports into reflective codes, you may do so and send a pull request.

  • Download the already modified Internal API 16

  • Place the downloaded internal API 16 in your platforms folder such that it looks something like this:

    • (android-sdk-folder)/platforms/android-16-internals/
  • In Eclipse (or your favorite IDE), select -16 for the API for XHFW.

  • Read this guide to modify ADT to use the Internal APIs

    • You only need to follow Step 4. (Unless you want to know more about internal APIs)