Delete extra arm64/mips64 MterpReturn suspend check

Doing a suspend check after moving the result into the shadow frame
result_register_ is not safe since result_register_ is not a GC
root. The suspend check is unnecessary since the opcodes that branch
to MterpReturn already do a suspend check.

This could maybe explain one crash for CC that was seen after calling
a getter that had no compiled code.

The extra suspend check appears to only be present on arm64 amd mips64.

Test: test-art-target ART_TEST_INTERPRETER=true, N5X booting

(cherry picked from commit aceff18580b94a586a469110565f2ba166f3635a)

Bug: 33211261
Change-Id: I70b8863f40a25a26f278ac8ef0d57e083b663e0f
4 files changed