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Raspberry aPI

Raspberry aPI

This repository contains the code for the Decoded API, running on a Raspberry Pi in our London HQ.

It uses the open source platform Node.js and Express framework, and is written in JavaScript.

Run the server by cloning this repo onto your own server, installing node and node package manager (npm). Then run in order:

npm install;
cd public && bower install;
cd ../;
node server.js
  • The above will need to happen each time a git pull is done. See below for restarting the server.

server.js is the main file; it calls checkins.js and arbitrary.js to create the /checkins and /store endpoints respectively

If you are interested in running this on your own Raspberry Pi, let us know how you get on! We will be writing full documentation shortly.

Restarting the server

  • The server is best handled by systemd or initd. Your choice. We are running this on a raspberry pi and are using systemd. To copy that setup, create node.service in /etc/systemd/system/ with the following contents and permissions. Alternatively (and much better) would be to user supervisord, however we haven't got around to setting that up yet

  • permissions:

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 304 Jun 18 2013 node.service


ExecStart=/usr/bin/node /srv/node/server.js