Contains common implementations of the interfaces defined by DataValues and DataValuesInterfaces

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DataValues Common

DataValues Common is a small library build on top of DataValues that provides common implementations of the DataValues, ValueParsers, ValueFormatters and ValueValidators interfaces.

It is part of the DataValues set of libraries.

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The recommended way to use this library is via Composer.


To add this package as a local, per-project dependency to your project, simply add a dependency on data-values/common to your project's composer.json file. Here is a minimal example of a composer.json file that just defines a dependency on version 1.0 of this package:

    "require": {
        "data-values/common": "1.0.*"


Get the code of this package, either via git, or some other means. Also get all dependencies. You can find a list of the dependencies in the "require" section of the composer.json file. Then take care of autoloading the classes defined in the src directory.


This library comes with a set up PHPUnit tests that cover all non-trivial code. You can run these tests using the PHPUnit configuration file found in the root directory. The tests can also be run via TravisCI, as a TravisCI configuration file is also provided in the root directory.


DataValues Common has been written by the Wikidata team, as [Wikimedia Germany] ( employees for the Wikidata project.

Release notes

0.2 (2013-12-16)

  • Added FloatParser (moved from data-values/number)
  • Added IntParser (moved from data-values/number)

0.1.1 (2013-11-22)

  • Fixed link in the MediaWiki credits

0.1 (2013-11-17)

Initial release with these features:

  • Several DataValue implementations
    • MonolingualTextValue
    • MultilingualTextValue
  • Several ValueFormatter implementations
    • StringFormatter
  • Several ValueParser implementations
    • BoolParser
    • DecimalParser
    • NullParser