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A concept library for making your website take next step in becoming a desktop application like

This is still a work in progress

  1. Arrange your information within natural behaving Windows
<app-window caption="my content">
    <app-window-body border="yes" bordercolor="white" bgcolor="transparent" scroll="auto">
        <!-- Your Content Here -->
  1. Group related topics by creating Tabs
<app-window caption="exprerimental tabs">
        <tab-controller name="settingsTab" caption="settings">
            <!-- content #1 -->
        <tab-controller name="activationTab" caption="activation">
            <!-- content #2 -->
        <tab-controller name="tableTab" caption="table">
            <!-- content #3 -->
  1. Change entire appearance using css

  2. Use multiscreen-option while enabling users to smoothly drag windows from one chrome page to another. Try activating:


Then put both windows side by side, now drag :)

You can now extend to whatever number of screens you like.