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  1. c47070b Merge into HEAD by Alex · 9 years ago jb-mr2
  2. 4f01c30 Revert "init.rc: Create /storage mountpoint so Dalvik can mark as slave in zygotes" by Brandon McAnsh · 9 years ago
  3. 190d438 init: Increase maximum number of Android properties to 496. by Sheng Fang · 9 years ago
  4. c2a4042 Camera: Adds auto HDR Metadata type by Emilian Peev · 9 years ago
  5. c49f7fb audio: Enumerations for audio usecases by Krishnankutty Kolathappilly · 9 years ago
  6. a32498e Camera: Adds longshot commands by Emilian Peev · 9 years ago
  7. ae26114 system/core: Add support for EVRCNW audio format by Vidyakumar Athota · 9 years ago
  8. 4f90927 Camera: Add meta data types for meta data callback by Fei Zhang · 9 years ago
  9. 40845a5 init.rc: Restored TCP performance tuning by Guntawee Tiwapong · 10 years ago
  10. f05816d audio: add EVRCWB EVRCB to supported audio formats by Shreyas Nagasandra Chandrasekhar · 9 years ago
  11. 0d4fd60 charger: Fix arguments to gr_text by Steve Kondik · 9 years ago
  12. 586a912 charger: press power key to turn off charging animation by Xu Kai · 9 years ago
  13. da699f5 charger: modify usb unplugged shutdown time in power off charging by Xu Kai · 9 years ago
  14. 17e01c7 charger: support alarm in power off charging by Xu Kai · 9 years ago
  15. 8a775da charger: Toggle backlight while in charger mode. by Ameya Thakur · 9 years ago
  16. 591c3c5 charger: Draw battery percentage over charger screen by Yulian Shandorov · 10 years ago
  17. e906ad7 toolbox: Add setfattr by dhacker29 · 9 years ago
  18. c187eb5 init: uevent: Add msm video symbolic link handling by Sachin Shah · 10 years ago
  19. 656e2be mkbootimg: Add --dt parameter to specify DT image by David Ng · 9 years ago
  20. 30d8298 Fix fstab memory leak by Irina Tirdea · 9 years ago