Allow installing QuickSearchBox in data partition


- Only use sources that the QSB process can read. This will exclude
  any sources protected by the GLOBAL_SEARCH permission when
  QSB is in the data partition.

- Add permission to read bookmarks, needed by Web source
  when QuickSearchBox doesn't have the GLOBAL_SEARCH permission.

- Change QuickSearchBox icon to a generic magnifying glass, to make it
  different from GoogleQuickSearchBox.

- Change All corpus icon to be the same as the app icon
  (magnifying glass).

- Set package name in home screen search widget intents, so that
  the correct search app is started.

Fixes http://b/issue?id=2512719

Change-Id: I47892b011c06ebb000cd975bad057eeecc4d34db
7 files changed