Support drawing in different orientation in Gallery.

Bug 6312994: Swipe UX: do not directly show the camera roll when camera starts
Bug 6313191: Swipe UX: Change swipe direction after the user rotated the device
Bug 6313192: Swiping UX: make Gallery display in rotated mode
Bug 6399447: Filmstrip: in Gallery, pressing Back from filmstrip doesn't perform the right animation
Bug 6399974: Filmstrip: when swiping from full-screen photo to filmstrip mode, camera view and the photo-roll don't align correctly
Bug 6400014: Swiping UX: in Camera portrait mode, tapping on the Thumbnail doesn't align camera view and the photo-roll correctly
Bug 6401075: Able to scroll through the gallery pics while capturing video.
Bug 6405087: Filmstrip does not change with orientation

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