msm8660: Add latency support for LPA

-Audio loss for few seconds on headset connection.
-Stream is unmute in checkDeviceMuteStrategies before device switch
-Increase delay in tempMute to ensure unmuting happens after device
switch happens. Also change latency for LPA to correct value similar
to that of hpcm.

Change-Id: I539a4726f6b9d53bbfdc5f92a8801d5f14c360eb
CRs-Fixed: 448355
diff --git a/msm8660/AudioHardware.cpp b/msm8660/AudioHardware.cpp
index a220301..f0fbfc4 100644
--- a/msm8660/AudioHardware.cpp
+++ b/msm8660/AudioHardware.cpp
@@ -4015,8 +4015,7 @@
 uint32_t AudioHardware::AudioSessionOutLPA::latency() const
-    // Android wants latency in milliseconds.
-    return 1000;//TODO to correct the value
+    return 54; // latency equal to regular hpcm session
 void AudioHardware::AudioSessionOutLPA::requestAndWaitForEventThreadExit()