audio: Dynamic library loading, compilation fixes.

Squashed commit of the following:

  commit 45b2a0b5e2344ead1413d627875bf10f79e15163
  Author: Steve Kondik <>
  Date:   Sun Dec 23 04:50:52 2012 -0800

      audio: Dynamic library loading, compilation fixes.

      Change-Id: I04d5e7b96611572a7758c610ebdf0fd00e8346aa

  commit 2c78505b30f2362295e4a995039abf2c650f0d7f
  Author: Mike Kasick <>
  Date:   Tue Jan 8 10:31:51 2013 -0500

      alsa_sound: Add missing assignment of acdb_handle, fixes in-call volume

      Assigns AudioHardwareALSA::mUcMgr->acdb_handle to mAcdbHandle, which is
      missing in the port of dynamic library loading from the AOSP/mako HAL

      Restores acdb_send_voice_cal and acdb_send_audio_cal calls, which among
      other things, are required for in-call volume adjustment to function.

Change-Id: I5b991a0be410af5eaff133625b63504545d7aa86
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