audio/msm7627a: Changes to support voip on different paths.

-Few apps in market use mvs path for tx while rx is regular
playback path. In such cases setupDeviceForVoipCall is not called
and mic is muted through out. In voipin read(), ensure
setupDeviceForVoipCall is called if no call was made earlier.
Also do not return from setupDeviceForVoipCall if setMode fails due
to same mode being set as mic state needs to be still updated.
Add proper return value in openInputStream to use resampler in audioflinger
for voip and voice concurrency.

CRs-Fixed: 467563
Change-Id: Id7b327310ea72c1727150dc877334476f2bfc3a0
(cherry picked from commit 79430b2ac2a420f28f73ae59ff40fb2928ba6931)
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