audio/msm8660: Fix dragging voice and deadlock in VOIP call.

- Dragging voice is heard at the far end due to wrong sampling
  rate configuration
- Input stream sampling rate for VOIP call is hardcoded to 8K
  Hence WB call uplink is also configured at 8K instead of 16K
- Set proper sampling rate instead of hardcoding the value

- Deadlock is observed sometimes during VOIP call setup
- VOIP call device setup is called by taking mLock which calls
  doRouting function which also acquires the same lock. This
  results in deadlock while read thread acquires the lock and
  write thread tries to call the device setup function
- Fix this issue by calling VOIP device setup function without
  acquiring the lock during call setup

(cherry picked from commit c259df62731724461959955b8d57972d300319dd)

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