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JavaDoc regeneration

Check out the repository into two different directories. One needs to be on master, one needs to be on gh-pages.

$ javadoc -nodeprecated -stylesheetfile ../amu-web/css/javadoc-base.css -nonavbar -bottom '<script src="//"></script><script>new{profile: "UA-12846745-19",heatMapper: true});</script>' -top '<a class="back" href="javascript:history.back()">Back</a> <a class="back" href="/android-maps-utils/" target="_top">Back to site</a>' -notimestamp -d ../amu-web/javadoc/ $(find library/src/ -name '*.java')

Staging edits

$ sudo gem install jekyll
$ jekyll serve --baseurl

Navigate to http://$HOST:4000/android-maps-utils/