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  1. 242d6c6 LLS: Add LiveLockScreenController by d34d · 7 years ago mm6.0
  2. f54119e CelluarTile: Secondary click opens mobile network settings by Janson Kang · 7 years ago
  3. 5b815e9 Do not scan a file which cannot be read by Bartosz Bialek · 8 years ago
  4. 656e182 Correctly init code cache path for RS by Yang Ni · 7 years ago
  5. f9a2dd6 Enable shader cache for applications that shared UID with multiple packages too by Shuo Gao · 7 years ago
  6. a193df7 Make BluetoothManagerCallback oneway to prevent waiting on response by Ajay Panicker · 7 years ago
  7. b6ab463 JobScheduler: handle connectivity action in bg looper by wangshujie · 7 years ago
  8. 0c53d05 Fix incorrect behavior for statusbar and quicksettings panel by Yinlin Cai · 7 years ago
  9. e413180 set default journal mode to TRUNCATE, not PERSIST by Daniel Micay · 7 years ago
  10. f0edab1 Fix ownership for files/folders created by ExternalStorageProvider on ext4/f2fs by Jani Lusikka · 7 years ago
  11. bacf52c HeadsUp: add timeout option (1/2) by Lars Greiss · 7 years ago
  12. 80ae16c base: API to expose mNavigationBarCanMove from window manager [1/3] by Randall Rushing · 7 years ago
  13. 698297b Fix SystemUI FC when using Carrier Label for the first time by LorDClockaN · 7 years ago
  14. 8b44451 SystemUI: remove deleted broadcast receiver by Roman Birg · 7 years ago
  15. e84f57d pm: Don't call into AppSuggestManager before service available. by Adnan Begovic · 7 years ago
  16. d3c0381 Don't block wake locks for required always-on system apps by Roman Birg · 7 years ago
  17. b62ea06 Frameworks AppOps: Enable MODE_IGNORED for OP_WAKE_LOCK by Sam Mortimer · 9 years ago
  18. db11efc SystemUI: stop hiding hotspot & color inversion tiles by Roman Birg · 7 years ago
  19. b9b5a62 Automatic translation import by Michael Bestas · 7 years ago
  20. 23e3663 SystemUI: improve tile vertical padding by Ali B · 7 years ago