HUGE SaberMod update (2/4)

This patch includes:

from SM_vendor:
MOAR SaberMod flags
extra sabermod C flags
Add more optimizations to extra sabermod gcc cflags and kernel flags
Add more clang C flags
enable graphite and -O3 form libwebviewchromium
Add some basic host optimizations
update cleanup graphite flags Don't add when exporting Fix device kernel graphite flags not being added
Fix build, create and add -pipe

from SM_build:
MOAR SaberMod flags
ARM: Enable -fno-builtin-sin and -fno-strict-volatile-bitfields by default
extra sabermod flags binary mode: separate gcc from clang completely
Add some basic host optimizations
Cleanup graphite: LOCAL_CFLAGS will be used for CPP flags
-O3 optimzations: More improvements
Include Bug fix for aosp and strict-aliasing
SaberMod ARM Mode (2/2)
small cleanup

from SM_kernel:
MOAR SaberMod flags
pthread: make the warning more obvious
Use common ld scripts for ld modules
kernel: add support for gcc 5/6
net: netfilter: disable loop-unroll-and-jam where needed
Organize SaberMod edits and add LICENSE

Change-Id: I373fa1102a90704a0fabdd497ffd59cd472e9499
Signed-off-by: noname55804 <>
13 files changed