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Read documentation
* Read mdns draft. DONE
* Learn about ipv4 multicast (unp). DONE
* Read dns-sd draft. DONE
* Take a look at libc resolv code. DONE
* Read more about DNS in general. DONE
* Read more about dynamic DNS. DONE
* Learn how to use libevent. DONE
* Read ripd code. DONE
* Get a linux box running avahi to test against. DONE
* Make coding environment, github ? and so on... DONE
* Implement controller publishing notifications.
* Fix reported nmap BUG.
* Move all mdns related globals to mdnsd structure, rename
mdnsd_conf to mdnsd, too many scattered lists through code.
* Write manual pages.
* Implement cache dump.
* Conflict name resolution.
* Check for possible overruns when parsing packets, specially in
name pointers.
* Publish commands in mdnsctl. DONE
* Remove all static declarations, I'm sick of breaking lines. DONE.
* [BUG] When a service is unpublished/published it comes up twice. DONE.
* Implement service resolv. DONE.
* Maximum packet size should be base on current iface mtu not 9k as
it is now (jumbo frame). We could use the smaller mtu between our
ifaces or have it per iface. DONE.
* Remove imsg files, as they are in libutil now. DONE
* Name compression. DONE
* Known Answer Suppression. DONE
* Check if the signal handling code is correct. DONE
* Too much duplicated code in control.c and mdns_api.c, hinfo and
hostname lookup can be merged. DONE
* Fetchmyname should use the return of strlcat to check truncation. DONE
* Make browsing commands (DNS-SD). DONE.
* Unify some code in mdnsl.c. DONE
* Write a dummy README. DONE
* Put prefix in mdns symbols. DONE
* Remove api infix in mdns_api.c, it's plain lame, gotta split the
* Put prefix in mdns symbols. DONE
library first. DONE.
* Think of a better syntax for mdnsctl (lookup -t HINFO foo.local). DONE
* Implement control and API protocol. DONE
* Implement serialization so we can start the responder. DONE
* Implement cache expiration machine. DONE
* Import henning's log source. DONE
* Code getopt. DONE
* Import kif source remove route stuff ?. DONE
* fetch all interfaces. DONE
* Check interface types, make sure they are multicastable. DONE