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JUNOS Terraform Automation Framework (JTAF)

Notes contained herein are for the custom development of a Terraform automation framework for Junos. This is a work under development.

For more information on the JTAF project, you can watch the videos below.





Interface Configuration:

BGP Configuration:

There is a detailed README which takes you through building a complete example Provider from scratch. That can be found here:

Pre-Requisite Tools

The following tools needs to be installed

Steps to Generate the Terraform APIs

Step 1 : Copy YANG Files

Copy the compatible yang files to local setup. Yang files for junos devices can be downloaded from the following github repo -

Step 2 : Generate YIN and XPath Files

Generate the yin file and xpath for the yangs. Execute the following processYang binary -

cd cmd/processYang

go build

./processYang -config /var/tmp/config.toml

[Note] Sample config file is provided in jtaf/Samples/config.toml

Step 3 : Update the Input API Details

Update the xpath.xml file with the xpaths and group details. Refer xpaths generated in Step: 2 for the same.

Step 4 : Generate the Providers

Generate the terraform api by executing the following command -

cd cmd/processProviders

go build

./processProviders -config /var/tmp/config.toml

The terraform api will be generated in the repository provided in config file.

[Note] It is recommended to use terraform_providers present in jtaf directory for generating providers. Otherwise copy the files present in terraform_providers to the directory where modules are generated

Step 5 : Create Terraform Binary

Create the terraform binary by executing below command at the terraform modules generated repository. The binary name must be same as below.

go build -o terraform-provider-junos-device


Juniper Networks is actively contributing to and maintaining this repo.