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#Led Actuator Application

This application registers Flow, Flow Access, Light Control object and toggle Led on receiving Button press event.

How To Compile

Assuming you have creator-contiki source code with directories constrained-os, packages/led-actuator, packages/libobjects and packages/AwaLWM2M

To build with TI CC2520 6lowpan driver

$ cd led-actuator
$ make TARGET=mikro-e USE_CC2520=1

To build with Cascoda CA8210 6lowpan driver

$ cd led-actuator
$ make TARGET=mikro-e USE_CA8210=1

This will generate hex file which can be flashed onto the MikroE clicker.


We welcome all contributions to this project and we give credit where it's due. Anything from enhancing functionality to improving documentation and bug reporting - it's all good.

For more details about the Contributor's guidelines, refer to the contributor guide.