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Device Manager

Device Manager application is used to provision the gateway device and constrained devices with access details to register with the FlowCloud. It runs on the gateway device and uses the Awalwm2m sdk to communicate with the awalwm2m server and client running on the same. Currently it can be used to :

  • Provision the gateway device
  • Check if the gateway device is provisioned or not
  • Provision the constrained device
  • Check if the constrained device is provisioned or not
  • List the constrained devices connected to the local server

Revision History

RevisionChanges from previous revision
0.9.0External Beta Trial Release


Prior to running device manager, make sure that:

  • Awalwm2m client daemon(awa_clientd) is running.
  • Awalwm2m server daemon(awa_serverd) is running.

NOTE: Please do "ps" on console to see "specific" process is running or not.

Application flow diagram

Device Manager Sequence Diagram

Using the ubus interface of Device Manager

Provisioning the gateway device:

root@OpenWrt:/# ubus -t 60 call device_manager provision_gateway_device '{"device_name":"MyCi40","device_type":"FlowGateway","licensee_id":7,"fcap":"XXXXXXXXXX", "licensee_secret":"XXXXXXXXXXXXXX"}'
        "provision_status": 0

Status 0 : The device was provisioned successfully. Status 1 : Provisoning failed Status 2 : The device was already provisioned.

Checking if the gateway device is provisioned or not

root@OpenWrt:/# ubus call device_manager is_gateway_device_provisioned
        "provision_status": false

Listing the devices connected to the gateway device

root@OpenWrt:/# ubus call device_manager get_client_list
        "clients": [
                        "clientId": "LedDevice",
                        "is_device_provisioned": false

Provisioning a constrained device:

root@OpenWrt:/# ubus -t 60 call device_manager provision_constrained_device '{"fcap":"XXXXXXXXXX", "client_id":"LedDevice", "licensee_id": 7, "device_type" : "FlowCreatorLED", "parent_id": "08 5A 24 DE A8 C2 0A 4B AB 24 4C F6 ED 5D 5F 62 "}'
        "status": 0

NOTE: The parent id should be the same as the device id of the gateway device. It can be read from /etc/lwm2m/flow_access.cfg

Checking if the constrained device is provisioned or not

root@OpenWrt:/# ubus call device_manager is_constrained_device_provisioned '{"client_id":"LedDevice"}'
        "provision_status": false


The logs of device manager application can be found at /var/log/device_manager_ubusd

API guide

Device Manager documentation is available as a Doxygen presentation which is generated via the following process.

  1. Install Doxygen : sudo apt-get install doxygen

  2. Generate the documentation:

    $ device-manager: mkdir build $ device-manager/build: cd build $ device-manager/build: cmake ../docs $ device-manager/build: make docs

The output can be found in the build/html directory and viewed by opening index.html with your web browser.


We welcome all contributions to this project and we give credit where it's due. Anything from enhancing functionality to improving documentation and bug reporting - it's all good.

For more details about the Contributor's guidelines, refer to the contributor guide.