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Button Gateway application


Button gateway application runs on Ci40 board, which acts as a gateway for MikroE boards. One of the MikroE boards acts as awalwm2m client to simulate button, and another one also acts as awalwm2m client to simulate led. Gateway application observes any button presses on former board, and whenever there is a change, gateway application gets a notification for the same, and take further actions. After receiving notification for button change, gateway application

  • Change led state to ON or OFF, depending upon button events.
  • Sets the led state on awalwm2m client running on Ci40, so that the observer gets the notification on the value change.
  • Sends a flow message to FlowM2M user's account with ON or OFF status of led.

Gateway application serves two purposes:

  • It acts as Awalwm2m server to communicate with Awalwm2m client that is running on a constrained device.
  • It acts as Awalwm2m client to communicate with Awalwm2m server on FlowM2M
Object NameObject IDResource NameResource ID
"Digital Input"3200"Counter"5501

Revision History

RevisionChanges from previous revision
0.9.0External Beta Trial Release


Prior to running button gateway application, make sure that:

  • Awalwm2m client daemon(awa_clientd) is running.
  • Awalwm2m server daemon(awa_serverd) is running.
  • Awalwm2m bootstrap daemon(awa_bootstrapd) is running.
  • Device provisioning is done.

NOTE: Please do "ps" on console to see "specific" process is running or not.

Application flow diagram

Button Gateway Sequence Diagram

API guide

Button Gateway documentation is available as a Doxygen presentation which is generated via the following process.

  1. Install Doxygen : sudo apt-get install doxygen

  2. Generate the documentation:

    $ button-gateway: mkdir build $ button-gateway/build: cd build $ button-gateway/build: cmake ../docs $ button-gateway/build: make docs

The output can be found in the build/html directory and viewed by opening index.html with your web browser.

Running Application on Ci40 board

Button Application is getting started as a daemon. Although we could also start it from the command line as :

$ button_gateway

Output looks something similar to this :

Button Gateway Application


Client session established

Server session established

Wait until device is provisioned


Gateway is provisioned.

Waiting for config data

Waiting for config data

Failed to read config file

Try to connect to Flow Server for 5 more trials..

Device registration successful

Defining flow objects on server

Defining flow objects on client

Waiting for constrained device 'ButtonDevice' to be up

Constrained device ButtonDevice registered

Waiting for constrained device 'LedDevice' to be up

Constrained device LedDevice registered

Written 1 to server.

Set 1 on client.

Message sent to user = 12:36:10 18-03-2016 LED on

Written 0 to server.

Set 0 on client.

Message sent to user = 12:36:11 18-03-2016 LED off


We welcome all contributions to this project and we give credit where it's due. Anything from enhancing functionality to improving documentation and bug reporting - it's all good.

For more details about the Contributor's guidelines, refer to the contributor guide.