Disable duplicate detection for specific carrier

- Currently, a system property is used to disable
dup detection. Add support for CarrierConfig to
disable dup detection.
- In CarrierConfig xml files, add the config to
disable duplicate detection for specific carriers

CRs-Fixed: 1034398
Change-Id: Ic9a62bca064c1e436865e0f3fca6da893e22b825
diff --git a/assets/carrier_config_310410.xml b/assets/carrier_config_310410.xml
index 97874a4..cef8dab 100644
--- a/assets/carrier_config_310410.xml
+++ b/assets/carrier_config_310410.xml
@@ -9,5 +9,6 @@
 <boolean name="enableSMSDeliveryReports" value="false" />
 <int name="volte_replacement_rat_int" value="3" />
 <boolean name="csp_enabled_bool" value="true" />
+<boolean name="carrier_disable_etws_cmas_dup_detection" value="true" />