livedisplay: Moving native API to OSS

 * This code implements the LiveDisplay native interface
   and includes support for Qualcomm's SDM as well as the
   previous MM interface. Communication with these backends
   is handled via the vendor-supplied libraries, and is
   decoupled by using dynamic loading.
 * This is useful for devices which have had a full display
   calibration performed using vendor-supplied tools such
   as QDCM.
 * This code was developed by Steve Kondik with assistance from
   Scott Mertz. Various bits of CYNGN proprietary IP have been removed.

   - Refactor CMHardwareService and LiveDisplayService to
     eliminate useless abstractions and consolidate code.
   - This is an awful lot of code which is loaded into
     system_server. It would be wise to refactor it into
     a daemon process or standalone service. The Java portion
     does need to remain memory resident in order to respond
     to sensor events and changes in ambient conditions without
     risk of being OOM killed.

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