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Official devices application

Devices repository: PixelExperience-Devices

Before you apply to add your device into our list of official devices, you should know a few things:

1. How to apply?

You must fulfill the following requirements before applying:

You must be aware that just fulfilling these requirements doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to be accepted. We will also consider some other points if necessary, like experience or how your behavior is towards other people (users or otherwise), and even with some technical stuff.

2. OTA and Hosting

Our OTA system is automatic, you should not worry about updating some script. The builds are hosted on our own server. You must build the official releases on our CI, no builds outside of it can be released as official. After the build is tested, you may release it.

3. JSON params


| Param | Description | Required | |--|--|--| | name | Device name | Yes | | brand | Device manufacturer | Yes | | codename | Device codename, eg: falcon | Yes | | version_code | Version code (ten or ten_plus) | Yes | | repositories | Array containing needed repositories by your device | Yes | | stable | Set to false if the version is beta (true by default) | No | | deprecated | Set to true if the device is no longer maintained (false by default) | No | | xda_url | Url to thread in xda-developers forum | No | | telegram_url | Telegram related group/channel url (full url that starts with https://t.me) | No |


| Param | Description | Required | |--|--|--| | name | Your name (or nickname) | Yes | | country | ISO-3166 Alpha 2 code of your country (2 digits, you can get from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-1_alpha-2) | Yes | | ci_username | Alphanumeric username, to be used in our CI | Yes | | github_username | Your GitHub username (eg: https://github.com/jhenrique09/) | Yes | | devices | Array with the device and the respective version that you maintain | Yes | | xda_url | Direct url of your XDA profile (eg: https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=6519039) | No | | telegram_url | Direct url of your Telegram profile | No | | main_maintainer | Used in co-maintainer cases, set to true to keep your name at the top on the list of maintainers | No |

4. Device Image

We need a .png image with transparent background with sane quality with at least the device front being shown for our website. Those will go to the images folder with the filename being called as <device_codename>.png.

If you agree with everything, please fill this form