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Ceylon compiler and tools


The content of this repository is released under the GPL v2 + Classpath Exception as provided in the LICENSE file that accompanied this code.

By submitting a "pull request" or otherwise contributing to this repository, you agree to license your contribution under the license mentioned above.

License terms for 3rd Party Works

This software uses a number of other works, the license terms of which are documented in the NOTICE file that accompanied this code.

Directory structure:

  • bin - the Ceylon tools binaries
  • lib - compile/runtime dependencies
  • src - the Ceylon compiler backend sources
  • langtools - the OpenJDK Javac compiler sources
  • test-src - the Ceylon compiler backend unit tests
  • samples - a few sample Ceylon programs

Build the compiler and tools

First you must make sure you have built the ceylon.language and ceylon-spec projects. Go into ceylon.language first and run

ant clean publish

Then go into ceylon-spec and run

ant clean publish

To build and test the compiler return to ceylon-compiler and run

ant clean publish

To run the tests type

ant test

Note that some of the tests currently fail. See more info in README.tests.

Once built, the compiler lives in this jars:


If you want to build and run the Ceylon compiler in Eclipse then please see README.eclipse for setup instructions.

Running the compiler

The compiler can be run as follows:

bin/ceylonc -src samples -out build/ceylon-cars samples/helloworld.ceylon 

The -src argument to the compiler is required in order for the compiler to figure out each class's full name. It is a colon-separated path, much like javac's -sourcepath argument.

You can add -rep arguments to add module repositories. Note that this is currently limited to local folders.

Running your Ceylon program

Right now the Ceylon runner doesn't support module repositories so you have to give it a valid classpath (this will be fixed soon):

bin/ceylon -cp build/ceylon-cars/unversioned/ helloworld

Generating the API documentation

The ceylondoc tool can be run as follows:

bin/ceylond -out api-docs -src ../ceylon.language/languagesrc/current