An example project that shows how to run Cucumber tests in multiple browsers simultaneously using Selenium and TestNG

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This example project is based on few other projects:

It allows you to run Cucumber features (tests/scenarios) in multiple browsers simultaneously using Selenium (WebDriver) and TestNG.

Running features in IDE

Tested in IntelliJ Idea 13.1.1 To run all stories from IDE only in Firefox, simply right click on one of the files:


And chose "Run ..." (Yes, choosing RunCukesTestInChrome will also run tests in FF!)

To run all stories simultaneously in both browsers (Chrome and Firefox) right click on one of the files:

  • src/test/resources/TestNGRunTestsLocally.xml
  • src/test/resources/TestNGRunTestsRemotely.xml

And chose "Run ..."

To run just one selected feature, change the feature name in the class below:

And as in previous example, right click on this class and chose "Run ..."

Running features from CLI

Run tests using local browsers:

mvn clean install

Run tests using browsers running on remote nodes:

mvn clean install -P runTestsRemotely

Viewing the results

All Cucumber reports [html, json, xml, js] are in: target/cucumber-report

How to download WebDriver binaries automatically

This project is using Mark Collin's "selenium-standalone-server-plugin" which is a Maven plugin that can download WebDriver binaries automatically. Once you configure the plugin to your liking, then:

mvn clean install -P downloadDriverBinaries

The pom.xml is currently configured to download only a Chrome driver binary for 64bit Linux OSes. If you can't download desired driver binary, then check if its URL and checksum specified in:


are correct. If not, then modify this file accordingly.

Jenkins configuration

I'll add a tutorial later

tools that need to be installed on the Jenkins Host machine

maven 2/3

List of useful plugins

AnsiColor Cucumber json test reporting. cucumber-perf cucumber-reports GIT client plugin GIT plugin Hudson Locks and Latches plugin Maven Integration plugin SSH Credentials Plugin TestNG Results Plugin Xvfb plugin