A central place for chef-provisioning example projects!

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This is a central place for example projects, useful copypasta, resources, deployment patterns, and pretty much anything you might want to share with other chef-provisioning users. Some questions people might want answered are:

  • How do I make an awesome VPC in AWS?
  • How do I get docker containers on multiple hosts?
  • What does it look like to have a Go web server application deployed and talking to a Mysql database?
  • How do you set up monitoring, logging, and service discovery in such a way that other cookbooks can use it?

Don't sweat the details! Check this repository out, put your project in and get it up there. While it's nice if the project works out of the box, if it doesn't, don't sweat too heavy. What people want is the patterns and knowledge you have; reusable components are just frosting.


There is a template project named 0_project_template which you can copy or pattern your example project against if you want to run your cluster cookbooks on multiple clouds. If it doesn't work for you, don't use it; it's available if you want something.