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Issues to be solved in next versions
- X86 cannot handle many tricks introduced by malware yet. If you find any such
instruction sequence that Capstone disassembles wrongly or fails completely,
please report. This would be the top priority of our project.
- More optimization for better performance.
- Support more operand details for Arm, Arm64, Mips & X86, especially focus on
non-standard instructions.
- At the moment the only way to get Windows binaries is cross-compiling. We have
to port the code over to Visual Studio, so those only have Windows can still
compile Capstone without needing to have Linux machine for cross-compiling.
- Reduce the binary size of libraries, so Capstone can be embeded into products.
- OCaml binding are broken due to many API changes. This should be fixed ASAP.
- Python 3 support is needed.