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This file credits all the contributors of the Capstone engine project.
Key developers
1. Nguyen Anh Quynh <aquynh -at->
- Core engine
- Bindings: Python, Ruby, OCaml, Java, C#
2. Tan Sheng Di <shengdi -at->
- Bindings: Ruby
3. Ben Nagy <ben -at->
- Bindings: Ruby, Go
4. Dang Hoang Vu <dang.hvu -at->
- Bindings: Java
Beta testers (in random order)
Van Hauser
FX of Phenoelit
The Grugq, The Grugq <-- our hero for submitting the first ever patch!
Isaac Dawson, Veracode Inc
Patroklos Argyroudis, Census Inc. (
Attila Suszter
Le Dinh Long
Nicolas Ruff
Alex Ionescu, Winsider Seminars & Solutions Inc.
Daniel Godas-Lopez
Joshua J. Drake
Edgar Barbosa
Ralf-Philipp Weinmann
Hugo Fortier
Joxean Koret
Bruce Dang
Andrew Dunham