Russian T9 for Dialer

PS6:  final nitpick: replaced getLanguage() with
      getCountry() call - primarily for those who are
      going to implement Chinese Traditional/Simplified
      support (because they all have "zh" language code,
      but letters are different in rHK/rCN)
PS7:  polishing: wrapped some lines at 100 chars, restored
      original dimens.xml / colors.xml values (looks better
      with 41dp, color change could go into another commit)
      ... purged earlier patch set changes
PS8:  fixed MDPI compatibility, marked 1/0/*/# "letters" as
      untranslatable (they are not displayed in any case)
PS9 & PS10: added "values-en-rRU" (Dmitriy).
PS11: minor padding tweak (7dp -> 8 dp).
PS12: fix buttons being 11dp off to the left, this can not
      be unseen.

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