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  1. 2dd4344 dexpreopt: Only use boot dexpropt by Brint E. Kriebel · 7 years ago lp5.1.1
  2. f131da6 msm8974: Remove deprecated egl.cfg by khusika · 7 years ago
  3. 2de45ab msm8974: Adjust DRC and AIG for camcorder input by Steve Kondik · 7 years ago
  4. 5e8f99b msm8974: Get rid of ctrl_interface=/data/misc/wifi/sockets by Dmitry Shmidt · 9 years ago
  5. 063b448 wifi: Enable EAP-SIM by Ricardo Cerqueira · 7 years ago

Common tree for Oppo MSM8974-based devices

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