Add the ActionBar trash and share icons.

- Adds the share drawable against dark background from ux repos.
- Removes the trash button from the main voicemail ui.
- Adds both trash and share to the ActionBar top right corner of call
  details, but only if we are looking at a voicemail.
- Adds placeholder methods for when these buttons get clicked.
- Changes other options menu elements to use the android:onClick
  property with a well-named method, rather than using switch by id.

Other changes:
- Tells proguard not to remove android:onClick style methods where those
  methods are public void and take a MenuItem or View single argument
  (exactly the type specified in xml files).
- Remove android:showAsAction property on the call detail options,
  because I don't think we want them to appear on the ActionBar at all,
  and if we did these are the wrong properties to use.
- Remove the variable storing the 'has remove from call log', we can
  just calculate that in onPrepareOptionsMenu.
- Calls through to super.onCreateOptionsMenu and
  super.onPrepareOptionsMenu rather than just returning true, as
  requested in the javadoc.

Bug: 5070929
Change-Id: I237bdcbb7b0a5135e940a0f44a64e4a39f741fa6
11 files changed