sepolicy : Add permissions to Camera HAL

Provide permissions to camera HAL to receive
vsync events. This helps camera HAL to display
preview frames at regular vsync interval.

Change-Id: I682c3d9aa516b0599e0da7d7ee90777c4185dc60
diff --git a/common/mediaserver.te b/common/mediaserver.te
index 06980d7..2e41268 100644
--- a/common/mediaserver.te
+++ b/common/mediaserver.te
@@ -70,3 +70,4 @@
 #Allow mediaserver to access service manager STAProxyService
 #Allow mediaserver to access service manager wfdservice
 allow mediaserver { STAProxyService wfdservice_service }:service_manager find;
+allow mediaserver surfaceflinger:unix_stream_socket rw_socket_perms;