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import os
import time
import sys
import urllib2
import json
from sqlalchemy import create_engine
from ConfigParser import ConfigParser
from datetime import datetime
from getcm.model import init_database, DBSession
from getcm.model.schema import File
class FetchBuild(object):
def __init__(self):
if len(sys.argv) == 2:
self.configPath = sys.argv[1]
self.configPath = "/etc/getcm.ini"
config = ConfigParser()
config.readfp(open(self.configPath, 'r'))
init_database(create_engine(config.get('database', 'uri')))
def get_builds(self):
url = ""
data = urllib2.urlopen(url).read()
data = json.loads(data)
return data['builds']
def get_artifact(self, build):
url = build['url'] + "api/json"
data = urllib2.urlopen(url).read()
data = json.loads(data)
if data['building'] or data['duration'] == 0:
return None
if data['result'] != 'SUCCESS':
return None
waituntil = datetime.fromtimestamp((data['timestamp'] + data['duration']) / 1000 + 10 * 60)
now = datetime.fromtimestamp(int(time.time()))
if waituntil > now:
print("Build %s: [%s > %s] Must wait 10 minutes before exposing build to fix hacky race condition" % (build['number'], waituntil, now))
return None
print("Build %s: Completed at %s, it is now %s. Proceeding" % (build['number'], waituntil, now))
result = []
for artifact in data['artifacts']:
if artifact['displayPath'].endswith(".zip") or artifact['displayPath'].endswith("CHANGES.txt") or artifact['displayPath'].endswith("build.prop"): # and "NIGHTLY" in artifact['displayPath'] or "SNAPSHOT" in artifact['displayPath'] or "EXPERIMENTAL" in artifact['displayPath']:
url = "" % (build['number'], artifact['displayPath'])
timestamp = (data['timestamp'] + data['duration']) / 1000
result.append((url, timestamp))
return result
def run(self):
for build in self.get_builds():
artifactlist = self.get_artifact(build)
if artifactlist:
if os.path.exists("/opt/www/mirror/jenkins/%s" % artifactlist[0][0].split("/")[5]):
print "Exists, skipping."
for artifactdata in artifactlist:
artifact, timestamp = artifactdata
full_path = "jenkins/%s/%s" % (artifact.split("/")[5], artifact.split("/")[-1])
fileobj = File.get_by_fullpath(full_path)
if not fileobj:
base = "artifacts/%s" % artifact.replace("", "")
build_number = base.split("/")[1]
fname = base.split("/")[-1]
build_type = "stable"
if "NIGHTLY" in artifact:
build_type = "nightly"
if "SNAPSHOT" in artifact:
#build_type = "snapshot"
build_type = "nightly"
if "EXPERIMENTAL" in artifact:
if "-M" in artifact:
build_type = "snapshot"
build_type = "test"
if "-RC" in artifact:
build_type = "RC"
os.mkdir("/opt/www/mirror/jenkins/%s" % build_number)
download_cmd = "wget -O /opt/www/mirror/jenkins/%s/%s %s" % (build_number, fname, artifact)
# Only download CHANGES.txt and build.prop locally
if not fname.endswith(".zip"):
print "Running: %s" % download_cmd
# Download all artifacts to the mirror
mirror_cmd = "ssh -p2200 \"/root/ /srv/mirror/jenkins/%s %s %s\"" % (build_number, artifact, fname)
print "Running: %s" % mirror_cmd
# Run the build.prop through getcm.addfile
if fname.endswith(".zip"):
addfile_cmd = "/usr/local/bin/getcm.addfile --timestamp %s --file /opt/www/mirror/jenkins/%s/%s --fullpath jenkins/%s/%s --type %s --config %s" % (timestamp, build_number, fname, build_number, fname, build_type, self.configPath)
print "Running: %s" % addfile_cmd
def main():
print("Starting getcm.fetchbuilds at %s" %
fb = FetchBuild()