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# CMAKE generated file: DO NOT EDIT!
# Generated by "Unix Makefiles" Generator, CMake Version 2.8
# Default target executed when no arguments are given to make.
default_target: all
.PHONY : default_target
# The main recursive all target
.PHONY : all
# The main recursive preinstall target
.PHONY : preinstall
# Special targets provided by cmake.
# Disable implicit rules so canonical targets will work.
# Remove some rules from gmake that .SUFFIXES does not remove.
.SUFFIXES: .hpux_make_needs_suffix_list
# Suppress display of executed commands.
# A target that is always out of date.
.PHONY : cmake_force
# Set environment variables for the build.
# The shell in which to execute make rules.
SHELL = /bin/sh
# The CMake executable.
CMAKE_COMMAND = /usr/bin/cmake
# The command to remove a file.
RM = /usr/bin/cmake -E remove -f
# Escaping for special characters.
# The program to use to edit the cache.
CMAKE_EDIT_COMMAND = /usr/bin/ccmake
# The top-level source directory on which CMake was run.
CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR = /var/www/pclBox
# The top-level build directory on which CMake was run.
CMAKE_BINARY_DIR = /var/www/pclBox
# Target rules for target CMakeFiles/pclBox.dir
# All Build rule for target.
$(MAKE) -f CMakeFiles/pclBox.dir/build.make CMakeFiles/pclBox.dir/depend
$(MAKE) -f CMakeFiles/pclBox.dir/build.make CMakeFiles/pclBox.dir/build
$(CMAKE_COMMAND) -E cmake_progress_report /var/www/pclBox/CMakeFiles 1
@echo "Built target pclBox"
.PHONY : CMakeFiles/pclBox.dir/all
# Include target in all.
all: CMakeFiles/pclBox.dir/all
.PHONY : all
# Build rule for subdir invocation for target.
CMakeFiles/pclBox.dir/rule: cmake_check_build_system
$(CMAKE_COMMAND) -E cmake_progress_start /var/www/pclBox/CMakeFiles 1
$(MAKE) -f CMakeFiles/Makefile2 CMakeFiles/pclBox.dir/all
$(CMAKE_COMMAND) -E cmake_progress_start /var/www/pclBox/CMakeFiles 0
.PHONY : CMakeFiles/pclBox.dir/rule
# Convenience name for target.
pclBox: CMakeFiles/pclBox.dir/rule
.PHONY : pclBox
# clean rule for target.
$(MAKE) -f CMakeFiles/pclBox.dir/build.make CMakeFiles/pclBox.dir/clean
.PHONY : CMakeFiles/pclBox.dir/clean
# clean rule for target.
clean: CMakeFiles/pclBox.dir/clean
.PHONY : clean
# Special targets to cleanup operation of make.
# Special rule to run CMake to check the build system integrity.
# No rule that depends on this can have commands that come from listfiles
# because they might be regenerated.
$(CMAKE_COMMAND) -H$(CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR) -B$(CMAKE_BINARY_DIR) --check-build-system CMakeFiles/Makefile.cmake 0
.PHONY : cmake_check_build_system