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KNoT Thing library
Copyright (c) 2016, CESAR.
All rights reserved.
This software may be modified and distributed under the terms
of the BSD license. See the COPYING file for details.
KNoT Thing library is a lightweight C/C++ library built to use minimal CPU
and memory resources. It is intended to run on KNoT Nodes (Things) (see KNoT
Architecture for better understanding).
It provides the Radio and Protocol abstractions for the application. The application
builder just need implement the read/write functions for its sensors/actuators,
register a Data Item (sensor or actuator) on the library and call the run() method
on its main loop routine.
Compilation and installation
Currently the KNoT Thing library supports only the Arduino platform. The build process will generate an Arduino library zip file ( containing all source code. This zip file can be imported on Arduino IDE.
In order to compiler the source code you need following software packages:
- GCC compiler
- GNU C library
How to build:
How to install:
Refer to Arduino library guide in order to install KNoT Thing library on Arduino IDE:
Thing Status LED
The Thing Status LED is used to report connection status (disconnected / connecting / connected) and also error status (invalid initialization / authentication error).
Here is the LED blinking scheme considering the connection status and error status:
* Disconnected: Blink led continuously (1s on, 1s off)
* Connecting: Blink led twice (1s on, 1s off, twice) and 10s off after
* Connected: Blink led once (1s on, 10s off)
* Name error: the user initialized KNoTThing with a null thing name. Blink led continuously with 50ms interval.
* HAL init error: the radio failed to initialize. Blink led continuously with 100ms interval.
* AUTH error: the thing failed to authenticate and need to reset its UUID/Token. Blink led continuously with 250ms interval.