Use Drawer in Settings app

- get rid of PreferenceActivity as much as we can and use fragments instead
- add Drawer widget
- add Dashboard high level entry into the Drawer (but this is work in progress and would be done in another CL)
- add bypass of fragment's Header  validation when launched from the Drawer but *force* validation if external
call thru an Intent

Be aware that WifiPickerActivity should remain for now a PreferenceActivity. It is used by SetupWizard and should
not trigger running the SettingsActivity's header building code. SetupWizard is a Home during the provisionnig process
and then deactivate itself as a Home but would make the Home header to appear in the Drawer (because momentarily we
would have two Home).

Also, verified that:

- the WiFi settings still work when called from SetupWizard
- when you have multiple Launchers, the Home header will appear in the list of Headers in the Drawer

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