Display and wfd synchronization during teardown.

* Provide a binder interface call for wfd module
to inform display about the start/stop/pause/resume
of wfd session.

* This is needed for wfd-hdmi synchronization in
case of v4l2 wfd solution. If hdmi is plugged
in during v4l2 wfd session, display-hal waits in
uevent thread for wfd teardown notification from
wfd module, before going ahead with configuring
external display.

* For VDS WFD solution, display-hal waits in uevent
thread for wfd-teardown to be signalled from
the composition thread.

Change-Id: I9514cb5bc7ff81de0b5dd4cdf66d8286a64ba094
diff --git a/msm8084/libqservice/QServiceUtils.h b/msm8084/libqservice/QServiceUtils.h
index 699164d..08cab31 100644
--- a/msm8084/libqservice/QServiceUtils.h
+++ b/msm8084/libqservice/QServiceUtils.h
@@ -87,4 +87,7 @@
     return sendSingleParam(qService::IQService::PAUSE_WFD, pause);
+inline android::status_t setWfdStatus(uint32_t wfdStatus) {
+    return sendSingleParam(qService::IQService::SET_WFD_STATUS, wfdStatus);
 #endif /* end of include guard: QSERVICEUTILS_H */