Address armv7-a-neon config issues

1) CM by default removes krait from cortex-a15 but if you look at Google build master branch they leave this note about how it is needed so that hardware divide operation are generated. This should resolve that issue.
2) It turns out that krait/cortex-a15 support LPAE but it is not enabled unless we fake this flag here.  This is also from Google build Master Branch.
3) I noticed that --fix-cortex-a8 is being applied to all cpu varients which makes no sense so I've moved that option under cortex-a8 where it should be (at least in my opinion where it should be)

Signed-off-by: Chet Kener <>
Change-Id: I3aa5266dab8ab23267623ca936f771edbae2c9a8
1 file changed