* This is an introduction of a flag that will allow for us to LIQUIFY or Optimize builds like crazy.

This includes:

* Clang Optimized with -O3 Optimization
* Linker Optimizations
* Makes use of Google 4.8 Host since we track it anyways
* Graphite Flags (With call options I brought along from watching SaberMod development)
* Many other gcc flags to optimize the build also tucked away in cc-call options to keep clang from touching them and erroring out.

Note: Strict Aliasing is not included but I'll look into adding it in the future.

To use Place flag BROKEIT=true in of your device tree.

Signed-off-by: Chet Kener <>
Change-Id: Ia27cc2f5a8be14df3173d4813509baa8d90d7fff

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