1. 53da9b1 Remove android.test.runner from tests app by Tadashi G. Takaoka · 11 years ago
  2. d5e35ac Reorganize LatinIME native build directory structure. Now it got NDK friendly. by Ken Wakasa · 12 years ago
  3. 5cb4eae Reorganize suggestion related unit test by Tadashi G. Takaoka · 13 years ago
  4. debd74c Prepare for master merge by Ken Wakasa · 13 years ago
  5. 928ebfe Add aggressive cancellation for auto suggestion by satok · 13 years ago
  6. a25324f Change the package name to override the current LatinIME. by Ken Wakasa · 13 years ago
  7. e4e1130 Tests and some new constructors to help in testing. by Amith Yamasani · 13 years ago