Cryptography in SageMath.

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CryptoSage provides cryptography algorithms in SageMath (

This project is for students and engineers interested in cryptography. You can try and test these cryptography algorithms with real parameters and full key lengths. We write cryptography algorithms in SageMath.


At first you need to install SageMath. And then the sage command can load and run the CryptoSage scripts.


We hope to implement all popular public key schemes:

  • Integer-Factoring-Based Cryptosystems including RSA/Rabin/Paillier, etc.
  • Descrete-Log-Based Cryptosystems including DH/ElGamal/DSA, etc.
  • ECC (Elliptic curve cryptography)
  • Pairing-Based Cryptography
  • Lattice-Based Cryptography
  • Coding-Based Cryptography

Elliptic Curve Cryptography

  • EC domain parameters: prime192v1.sage
  • EC key generation: eckeygen.sage
  • ECDSA signature generation and verification ecdsa.sage

You can view and try the ectest.sage

$ sage ectest.sage