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A new feature added after the release of TITAN version 5.5 requires the linking of an extra library (libncurses.a).

The TTCN-3 makefile generator now automatically adds this new library to the platform-specific linker flags (-lncurses for Linux):

SOLARIS_LIBS = -lsocket -lnsl -lxml2 -lcurses

SOLARIS8_LIBS = -lsocket -lnsl -lxml2 -lcurses

LINUX_LIBS = -lxml2 -lncurses

FREEBSD_LIBS = -lxml2 -lncurses

WIN32_LIBS = -lxml2 -lncurses

If you are using this tool to generate your makefile, then regenerating it should fix the problem. Otherwise you’ll need to add the library to the linker flags manually (the Eclipse designer plug-in’s makefile generator does not add this library). You could also revert back to the official TITAN 5.5 release.


TTCN-3 is a standardized, modular language specifically designed for testing. Eclipse Titan offers a free and open source (FOSS) compiler both for TTCN-3 and for ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One).

Standards page (also including downloadable code):

Main project page:

##Introductory video of a presentation about Titan held at EclipseCon 2014:

##Titan Datasheet on polarsys.org: http://polarsys.org/sites/default/files/custom_uploads/TITAN%20Datasheet%20A4%202.1.pdf

Ericsson TTCN-3 Course, Presentation material


Ericsson TTCN-3 Course, Presentation material, part II (Titan specifics)


##Binaries and SHA512 checksums for a number of Linux platforms can be downloaded from:

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