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Dirty Unicorns (CAF)

Setup your build enivornment & sync our source

To setup your build enivornment and sync DU, please follow this guide HERE

Submitting Patches

DU is an open source project that lives because of contributions of the Android community.

With that said, patches are always welcome!

To start contributing to DU, just register at

Open up a terminal to create your keys and type in

git config --global <username you registered with>

git config --global <your email you registered with>

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""

Go to and click on your avatar on the top right, click on Settings

Click on SSH Public Keys on the left hand side and click on "Add Key ..."

Now on your computer navigate to home/.ssh and open up and copy/paste the context to Gerrit under SSH Public Keys

You can send patches to us by using these commands in terminal:

cd project i.e cd packages/apps/Settings

Make whatever edits you need to.....

git add -a
git commit -a

Add commit message that makes sense for others to understand what the commit is for

Ctrl X, then Y to save and Enter

git push ssh:// HEAD:refs/for/BRANCH

BRANCH - lollipop-caf
PROJECT - i.e packages_apps_Settings
USERNAME (for gerrit) - i.e Mazda

If you are going to make extra additions, just repeat steps (Don't start a new patch), but instead of git commit -m use git commit --amend. Gerrit will recognize it as a new patchset.

For more information on how to push to a gerrit, please read the following

Also to make this even easier, you can use a universal gerrit script provided by PAC found here

If you still can not figure it out, don't hesitate to contact us in our G+ community found here

Maintain Authorship

Please make sure if you submit a patch/fix from another ROM that you maintain authorship. This is very important to not only us but the entire open source community. It's what keeps it going and encourages more and more developers to contribute.

If you manually cherry pick a patch/fix then add the original author prior to pushing to our gerrit. This task is very easy and is usually done after you commit a patch/fix locally. i.e once you type in git commit -a and type in the commit message and save, you type in the following

git commit --amend --author "Author <>"

So it should look like this once you get all author's information

git commit --amend --author "Alex Cruz <>"