qcom/gps: update gps hal

526da0e Fix args to loc_xtra_init
fad3d1e memory management fixes
c85fa4a Fix Memory leak in util/loc_cfg.cpp
4172ea8 Fix gps.conf capabilities overwrited by carrier
1b2d16d Merge "Adding Mutex for Creating Context" into LA.BF64.1.2.9
044682a Removed unused code and unnecessary notice files
9e7a6c1 Remove reporting gps status from loc eng layer
911ec4a Move modem power vote out of hal
10e4530 Fix some compilation issues with legacy targets
e9004f4 Migrating XTRA from gpsonextra.net to cloud based izatcloud.net
014e160 Add buffer length check for XTRA data

Change-Id: Ic39d848fca5b0eadea9152ac65fb6a8581cce96b
15 files changed